6seatsTo transport 6 children for a ride out in the countryside or in the city is not always an easy task.
espresso is the solution by Italtrike. A sturdy and solid structure that protects the children while seated in their comfortable padded seats and seats belts and head rests.
safetyEspresso illustrates the dedication on finding the perfect item that applies all the European safety standards. Tested and approved by TUV THURNGEN.
comforttitle The big dimension soft and solid puncture-proof wheels allows a smooth and constant utilisation in every type of roads. Now you just need to interact with the children.



We have made it easier to manovrate. Now entertain the children.

Very practical for children and for the adults. Manageable in every situations even the most difficult ones.
Children get onboard through a sided door that only opens and closes from the outside.

Create personalized graphics for your espresso!

espresso the six seated stroller espresso is proposed in two versions:

  • Base
  • Granturismo (GT)
On the GT version you are able to customized your espresso with the aluminium Roll-bar, sun canopy, Every espresso can be personalized with the sided panels applying special graphics. More options can be applied to complete your equipment.


Espresso is 100% made in Italy

Espresso is “made in Italy”. Italtrike provides services of spare parts and technical assistance.